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Ricardo Carvalho tries to pick between Chelsea and Porto, reveals Mourinho's biggest weakness

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Back when Mourinho's methods were fresh and new and very much effective, he and Ricardo Carvalho had a very public tiff about team selection.  Like good professionals and excellent winners, they worked it all out and continued their very successful working and personal relationship that began at Porto, reached its peak at Chelsea, and had a bonus go-around at Real Madrid.

On the occasion of two of those teams facing a do-or-die Champions League clash on Wednesday, Carvalho was asked to pick between Chelsea and Porto.

"I don't know if I'll support Porto or Chelsea. I grew up at Porto, but I spent more years at Chelsea. Mourinho is there and I have a lot of friends at the club."

So, Chelsea then?

Carvalho does seem a bit more clear on why he thinks Mourinho's struggling at the moment.

"Mourinho can't live with defeat, that's why he isn't doing great."

The former Chelsea defender, perhaps the greatest ever center back to play for the Blues in my lifetime (the great Marcel Desailly a close second), isn't the first to suggest this failing* for the Chelsea manager.  Mourinho himself called this season his greatest challenge well before the true depth of our struggles were laid bare for all to see (assuming we've hit bottom).  We had thought that this would be the perfect opportunity for The Special One to truly show just how Special he is.  Alas, we're still waiting.  Having played under him for many years, Carvalho, for one, remains confident.

"Despite that, I think he's the right man to turn things around at Chelsea."

"If they qualify, I think that Chelsea can go a long way in the Champions League. They aren't doing great in the Premier League, but they can knock out anyone in Europe."

Can things be written in stars more than once?  I suppose we'll find out.

* Perhaps it will also be the reason he'll turn things around.  Eventually.  Any day now...

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