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POLL: Should Chelsea sack Mourinho?

Ian Walton/Getty Images

It didn't take long for the headlines and angry comments to start flooding in after Saturday's 1-0 loss at Stamford Bridge.  Mourinho on the brink!  Mourinho out!  Fire all the managers, coaches, kit boys, secretaries, players, IT guys.  Rage quit. Reset.  Picture of Abramovich with his head in his hands.  Burn it all down; start again.

Four wins, three draws, eight losses.  First loss at the Bridge to a newly promoted team in some 15 years.  Already out of the League Cup as well, needing a positive result on Wednesday to even remain in this season's Champions League.  Never mind about next season's.  Best we can hope for is top six; lucky if we'll get top half of the table.  We've truly been plunged back into the darkest timeline, just when it looked like we had finally crawled out of the well.  Time to unclip the safety harness?

Mourinho claims it's on him and the current set of players to get us out of this mess.

"I feel we don't have the right to ask the club for players, I don't think so. We started the season with this squad, we have to do better, the players have to do better. It's more about that than the club going to the market. People must take responsibility. The owner and the board are not responsible for the bad moment, the responsibility is mine and the players."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Chelsea FC

While that's all very noble and such, as long as he remains in the job, that will be true by default, too.  And I hope that indeed turns out to be the case.  But all my hopes and all the talk of managerial stability won't make up for dropped point after dropped point.  It looked like we had turned a corner, but it appears that no matter how much we turn the steering wheel, the Tyres keep going every which way but the way we want them (or just standing still, as it often happens).

Last time we ran this poll, a little over a month ago, a resounding 76% voted against sacking Mourinho.  I'm wondering, what's the current mood of the mob?

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