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A fractured Matic reflects on Chelsea's fractured hopes and his fractured nose

Clive Rose/Getty Images

For many weeks, we had been talking about confidence.  About regaining it.  About rebuilding it.  About building on whatever small amounts we may have gathered from a rare win or at least a good performance.  Watching Nemanja Matic's post-match interview on Chelsea TV, one gets the feeling that all that good work, all that confidence constructed little piece by little piece has all come crashing down.  It's all rather disheartening, as much as I want to be mad at him for playing badly.

"I think we didn't deserve to lose the game, but when you don't score a goal, you also don't deserve to win.  It was a difficult game for us.  We are in a difficult moment, in a difficult situation, so it's going to be hard to come back from this, but we have to try to resolve this problem, we have to go hard and try to recover."

"I'm not sure [what is our problem], I'm just one of the players.  I don't think we played bad; we controlled the game tonight.  We didn't score; they were lucky and scored one goal.  What is the problem, I'm not sure.  But I'm sure we have to improve in some aspects.  We have to try and work hard and see where is our problem."

-Nemanja Matic; source: Chelsea TV

Matic seems to be a man completely at a loss for answers.  Now, granted, he's not the one who's supposed to have the answers.  And while Mourinho absolved the midfielder for missing that one glorious chance, it would not be surprising to see something different in midfield following Saturday's hilariously ineffective showing from the usual pairing of Matic and Fàbregas.  It certainly doesn't help Matić's case that the mask seemed to be bothering him (he admitted as much, too).  He will have to wear it for at least another month, as he recovers from the fractured nose and cheekbone he was gifted by Érik Lamela.

Still waiting for the part where the season gets easier.  Porto next in the Champions League (must win), then leaders Leicester City away (must win).  What else can go wrong?

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