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Co(s)mic (in)justice as Chelsea lose at home again, this time to a newly promoted team

[Fun] this season.

I'm guessing we're still in repayment for our Champions League trophy from 2012.  That's the only way I can make sense of what's happening.  We got our payments deferred for 9 months last season, to collect a Premier League and a League Cup trophy, but now it's all coming due, and with interest.

Chelsea dominated the second half after an indifferent and rather terrible first half.  And then Bournemouth scored with their first shot on target of the entire half.  And it was offside.  And it was Glenn Murray, who, with his attempt to break Nemanja Matic's leg last season, might have single-handedly been the catalyst to the Chelsea midfielder no longer being world class, and in turn, Chelsea being terrible. (That was actually Ashley Barnes; clearly I'm losing my mind.  Matic hasn't been the same since though.) And there were two handballs in the box by the visitors that could've been penalty kicks, easily.  And Matic missed an open goal from 5 yards out.  And Artur Boruc had the reflexes and the agility of a man half his age, and he wasn't even supposed to be fit to play.  And and and and.  And.  And Chelsea were also bad for large stretches of the match. Very bad. But if Chelsea were bad, Bournemouth were indescribably bad.  They just got lucky.

"We don't deserve this result. If in the first half we were a bit passive and didn't press enough, and were not intense with or without the ball, in the second half we did. We created problems and in our best period, when everybody was waiting for our goal, they go and score."

"Yes it was a penalty (the handball) and the goal was offside but the referee made a mistake and the linesman made a mistake. That's football."

"We had enough chances and more than that we had a lot of half chances where we couldn't touch the ball, which is disappointing. All these crosses from the right side, not long crosses, short ones by Ivanovic, Pedro, Willian, you have to touch the ball in the face of the goal and then there is no chance for the keeper."

"The only time we had contact was the Matic one, which was difficult for him because of the mask and the cross was really fast. The other ones, the short and low ones, if you are in the box you have to attack the ball. They are big chances we have to score."

Mourinho only has himself to blame for not starting a proper center forward.  Then again, it would also be helpful is someone, anyone, including Costa, made a near post run.  Those "half chances" become much better chances when there's a runner ahead of the clearing defender, rather than behind him.

So where do we go from here?

"Before the game I was still thinking we can finish in the top four. Everybody is losing points. Only Leicester are consistent in victories, they keep winning and winning. I'm really disappointed with the result, not so disappointed with the performance but very disappointed with the result. Let's think about winning the next game and forget about targets because to fix targets with our inconsistency is difficult."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Chelsea FC

Top six.  Sure.  Let's get top half of the table first.

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