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Mourinho wants more of the same from Eden Hazard

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Chelsea failed to win and failed to score last weekend, but Eden Hazard, personally, had a very good game, one that Mourinho called the reigning Chelsea Player of the Year's best of the season.  Unsurprisingly, the Chelsea manager wants more of the same from our biggest star.

"His performance last week was good in every aspect. He got the feedback. Even written feedback because we analysed his performance in great detail and I thought it was good for him to get it in a written document with graphics on every aspect."

Stats!  It's a brave new world.

"That was unusual, yes. It had everything. Lots of everything - my feedback, my vision, numbers, figures, stats. Stats, for me, mean very little on their own. It was so impressive he needs that feedback and to know his efforts were recognised by myself."

Now here's a document I'd love to see some insider leak to the outside world.  A bit like that famous opposition scouting report from AVB, how cool would it be to catch a glimpse of something truly behind the scenes?

"He knows how good he was. Hopefully he can build from now. The good is coming. The decisions, the Euros at the end of the season and the Champions League next week. The Premier League is crucial for us too - every point important because we want to finish top four. He knows how much we need him."

Top four!

"With that attitude and dynamic, playing with the ball and attacking them, he can play in every position. He can be 9, 10, 7 or 11."

Wait, I thought he couldn't be a "10"?

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