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Manchester United vs. Chelsea, Premier League: Pick your starting lineup

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

There's no time to reflect too long on what could've been, should've been.  The shock of that horrendous penalty kick miss would linger for many days were it any other week.  But it isn't.  So it won't.  It's time to already move and turn our attentions to tomorrow's (!!) match at Old Trafford.

Those expecting changes for Hiddink's first match were left sorely disappointed.  Is he going to be more adventurous this time, on such quick turnaround?  We'll just have to wait an see.  The question at the moment isn't what Hiddink might do anyway, it's about what you would, if you were in charge instead.

Without knowing the individual fitness levels — Hiddink only used two substitutes on Saturday, which might be a good sign (great fitness levels, everyone!) or a worrying one (even more tired legs) — it's a tough call to figure out who and to what extent are players available or not available.  We do know that Diego Costa will be unavailable through suspension, an automatic one-match punishment after his 5th yellow card for of the season.

As always, you can click here to see the live results of the voting.

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