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Atlético Madrid president addresses Diego Costa, Griezmann, Simeone rumors

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Chelsea and Atlético Madrid have done plenty of business in recent seasons, in both directions, and there's a good chance that business relationship is not close to ending anytime soon.  Currently, Chelsea have at least two Atlético men on our shortlist, while they probably have at least one of ours.

The president of Atlético, Enrique Cerezo, speaking with Spanish broadcaster RTVE earlier today, addressed all three rumors.

First up: Diego Simeone, who's one of the front-runners for the Chelsea non-interim manager job once this ridiculous season comes to an end in the summer.  Simeone's style probably suits the current squad more than any other potentially available manager, but so far, all parties continue to deny any chance of this happening.

"El Cholo will be here with us for as long as he wants. I think we have a coach who will last a very long time and who will be an important part of the history which this team is making."

Next up:  Antoine Griezmann, who's one of the hottest names linked with improving Chelsea's struggling attack.  Much like his coach, Griezmann, who has 5 goals in his last 5 games, has shown no real indication of wanting to leave Atlético, unfortunately.

"Griezmann is really enjoying his football here - he's enjoying the fans who love him and admire him, and he's enjoying living in Madrid - all of which comes with being an Atlético de Madrid player"

Lastly but certainly not least-ly: Diego Costa, who's supposedly keeping his options open as far as a premature return to the Spanish capital is concerned, even as most people in the know maintain that he will at least see out his remaining 3.5 years at Chelsea.

"Right now, Diego is a Chelsea player and he has to focus on Chelsea. But you never know what will happen in football, and sometimes players do return to their former clubs."

The classic "you never know what will happen" — just enough to keep the rumors alive without saying anything of any real consequence.  You never know, maybe Diego's back on the goalscoring trail after Saturday's brace and he will retire a proper Chelsea legend.

I'm not sure the Atlético president's words reveal anything new or unexpected in any of these three situations.  Prepare for plenty more rumors as we go through January and then into the summer transfer window.

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