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Cesc Fabregas accepts Pat Nevin's apology, wants to move on

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Just one day after reports emerged that Cesc Fabregas would be taking legal action against Pat Nevin and the BBC for defamatory comments against him in relation to his lack of desire to play and win for Jose Mourinho, the two parties appear to have made up.

Nevin issued an apology to Fabregas after those initial reports surfaced.

"So, deep breath, when Cesc got a negative reaction as he was substituted on Saturday, if any of that was anything to do with what I was reported to have said, first I am sorry to Cesc, I absolutely didn't mean that at all, it was misconstrued, but none the less I apologise.

"Secondly, I plead with the fans they adapt that reaction for the upcoming games. Cesc has released a number of statements of late that have been brave, honest and self-deprecating. He has been badly wronged and he didn't deserve that on Saturday, full stop. I hope that is crystal clear."

-Pat Nevin; Source: ChelseaFC

The Chelsea midfielder took to his Instagram account this morning to accept the apology and plead for a return to normalcy.

"I'm pleased that Pat Nevin and the BBC have now apologised and corrected their comments. I can reiterate that I had an exceptionally good relationship with Jose Mourinho as I will aim to have with any coach that I play for. The football club is more important than any one player. We have all let the manager and club down this year as a collective unit. We will get this right of that I am sure. With all your help we can put this period behind us and make @chelseafc great again."

via Cesc Fabregas' Instagram account

Hopefully this is the end of this whole petty back and forth exchange.

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