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Hiddink happy to be at Chelsea, but claims he shouldn't be back

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Jose Mourinho is out at Chelsea, and Guus Hiddink is back in charge. On Wednesday, the Dutchman spoke to the media ahead of his (second) first match as Blues' manager, and commented on how he feels about returning:

"As a matter of fact, I shouldn't be here, half way through the season. Meaning that things aren't going as well as foreseen at the beginning of the season. Anyhow, glad to be back and it a few years ago that i was here in a similar situation and try to help out wen i was asked to do so. First of all, I shouldn't be here but i am here, that's the reality of today's situation but that's the reality. I am happy to be here."​

"If you look back a bit to the alt season, where there was a high success in winning the title. You go into the next, you have your targets and aims - getting the PL again, although that's not easy in the PL. That's the main target ad the others are of course, to go into the Champions League and FA Cup. Sometimes after a championship, you might relax as a team. Then you get a wake up call somewhere in September. The situation though, is that they were down, only one point above the relegation zone. It's not easy to say I'm here, and tomorrow the problem is solved."

Hiddink was also asked about the fans, with whom he's got a good relationship, but who were clearly upset with certain members of the squad following the sacking of Mourinho:

"I hope the fans will support the team as they did briefly also when some beautiful actions were executed during the last game. The fans have a right to think and express themselves, but the team has to take the initiative to get the fans. They aren't lost."

Guus is almost certainly right...the fans will be back behind the players if they turn things around, and start to play in a fashion similar to the one we saw at the beginning of the title-winning campaign. If they can't manage that, however, next summer ought to be very, very interesting.

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