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Chelsea make Drogba offer, according to Canadian television

Clive Mason/Getty Images

Guus Hiddink's backroom staff is set, but they're quite possibly saving a seat for a certain Didier Drogba still.

It would be the least surprising outcome if they were; we all expect Didier to come back in a non-playing role at some point in the future, but given the prominence with which the Chelsea legend was displayed next to Abramovich in the owner's box on the weekend and then, after the match, paraded around the pitch, shaking hands with former teammates and future coaching colleagues, his return might be happening much sooner than anyone could've expected.  Drogba, after all, still has one more year left on his playing contract at Montreal Impact.

RDS has learned that Chelsea made a proposal to Didier Drogba, [the] nature [of the offer] is currently unknown.

-source: RDS

If Drogba was only looking to come back and train and keep in shape, I doubt we would need to make a formal offer.  So, if RDS's info is correct, this should indicate that we're looking to actually employ him in some sort of capacity, perhaps as an assistant or as a strikers' coach or perhaps some other mental coach.  Guus Hiddink hinted at as much a few days ago as well.

Apparently Drogba's agent, currently on vacation, has indicated that "nothing has changed" as far Drogba's status and plans go.  Previously, Montreal had denied that any official contact had taken place between Chelsea and Drogba, but it would appear that we have now taken exactly that step.

Given the somewhat frayed relationship between the club and the fans at the moment, not to mention the struggles of the season, a bit of fan service like bringing a club talisman back into the fold, even if just temporarily, should provide a much needed morale boost.  Stay tuned.

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