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Falcao, Remy futures in the balance as Guus Hiddink starts assessing Chelsea squad

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Apparently, Guus Hiddink and Jose Mourinho sat down to breakfast on Sunday to talk a bit about the Chelsea traitors betrayers lollygaggers players.  At least that's what The Sun's all-seeing, all-knowing reporting claims.  Many are looking at this as some sort of weird occurrence, though in normal walks of life, this is just known as a pass-down, a fairly common occurrence of information sharing between task-owners.  There's no reason for Hiddink not to leverage Mourinho's body of knowledge, either as something to build on or something to avoid.

Another meeting on Hiddink's agenda was an extra training session with highly paid, yet quite forgotten man Radamel Falcao.  El Tigre Kitteno is still trying to come back from calf issues, not to mention trying to find his career again after his ACL injury, and apparently he's trying to do this by trying to impress the new boss on the scene and trying not get sent back to Monaco.  Not that Monaco could afford to take him, even if they tried.  The Telegraph claim Barcelona might be potential saviours, which sounds quite silly but maybe manager Luis Enrique just wants to increase the difficulty level of their next Spanish league title.

Speaking of extra training sessions, Matt Hughes of The Times is claiming that Diego Costa has been working extra hard for a few weeks now, with double training sessions followed by extra workouts at the gym.  While his efforts have not paid off in terms of goals or saving Mourinho's job, perhaps they will have a positive impact for the new interim boss.

One man who's not involved in extra training sessions is backup striker Loïc Rémy, who's once again starting to get linked with moves away from Stamford Bridge.  The most solid of these rumors seems to be a loan back to France, to AS Saint-Étienne who have struggled for goals almost as much as Chelsea, though their situation is not all that uncommon in the relatively low-scoring French league.

"He is one of the players that [Saint-Étienne] are interested in. Loïc Rémy has a very interesting profile. He is part of a very big club where he is playing little. We will see if it is possible that Chelsea loan him us, but we will need him to partake in a part of his salary. I do not know if it is possible. But Loïc is listed."

"I think a player like him would be interested in coming here, and that it would attract the attention of [France's manager Didier Deschamps] for the Euros."

-Christophe Galtier, ASSE head coach; source: But! Football Club

If Rémy has any designs on making the French team for Euro 2016, he certainly would have to find starter's minutes somewhere, and unless Hiddink drastically deviates from Mourinho's gameplan and benches Diego Costa, Rémy's not going to find those minutes here — doubly so if Falcao comes back into the fold as well.

The upshot of either Rémy or Falcao leaving would be a non-homegrown spot in the squad opening up for any major (or minor) signing we might make in the January transfer window.  (Or to put future Champions League final game-winning goal-scoring hero Papy Djilobodji into, you know, the actual Champions League squad.)

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