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Chelsea vs. Sunderland, Player Ratings: Subdued exuberance as the post-Mourinho era begins

Clive Rose/Getty Images

1. OSCAR - AMC 8.7
Minutes played80
We had already highlighted and re-lived Oscar's magnificent performance, but if you haven't yet, be sure to do so.  It truly was the best of Oscar, in every facet both in attack and in defending from the front.  He led the team in touches, dribbles, shots, tackles (joint with Matic) and all that despite playing 10 minutes less than most.  If only he could produce such things on a more consistent basis!

It was Oscar's second Man of the Match performance of the season, the first coming way back when on opening day against Swansea City.  Thanks to the mostly bad form of other players around him, only two others actually have more MoM awards than two:  Willian (9!) and Begovic (3).

2. PEDRO - AML 7.7
Minutes played90
Fouls drawn4
Speaking of a performance long overdue, here's Pedro with his second highest-rated Chelsea match ever, after his debut.

Back then, we had thought the ex-Barcelona man would be the magic elixir to fix the season.  Turned out our issues were (and still are) a bit more complicated than that.  Still, a healthy and active and successful Pedro would go a long way towards giving more variety and more cutting edge to our attack.

3. WILLIAN - AMR 7.6
Minutes played90
Take-ons 3/4
And then there's Willian.  Making his 16th straight start, easily the longest such active streak on the team, Willian continued his excellent form, getting on the scoresheet with an assist for Branislav Ivanovic's header for our first, and winning the penalty kick for our third goal of the day.  In my book, that also counts for an assist.

This is Willian's 16th player ratings podium of the season (having appeared in 24 of our 26 matches) — no one else has more than 9 (Azpilicueta).  Hazard's fourth with 6.

Courtois (6.7), Azpilicueta (6.7), Terry (6.9), Zouma (6.6), Ivanović (7.1), Matić (6.3), Fàbregas (6.0), Pedro (7.7), Oscar (8.7), Willian (7.6), Costa (5.4)

Mikel (6.6), Rémy (6.3), Ramires (6.0)


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