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Amid Mourinho's ruins, Terry eyes top four, long winning streak

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Real life slowly moves on at Chelsea Football Club.  Regardless of who's actually in charge, the job at hand, to save the season somehow, is massive and daunting and possibly hopeless.  But Terry remains hopeful.  Nothing's over until it's over, right?

"I think from the first-half performance, who knows?"

"It is going to be difficult to win every game, we know that, but step by step there are a lot of games over Christmas. If we can go on a good run and climb the table over Christmas, then who knows? But look at the likes of Leicester. You expect them to drop off, but they haven't. Teams are doing well above us, so that's even more reason why we have to keep winning."

-John Terry; source: FourFourTwo

There are 21 matches left in the Premier League season.  63 points up for grabs, for a maximum total for the season of 81.  That would've been good enough for second place last season.  Four wins less could get us to around 70 points, which would probably be good enough for fourth spot, just like last season.  So, 17 wins from the next 21, and maybe a draw or two.  Hiddink won 12 of 14 (with 1 draw and 1 loss) in his previous interim spell in 2009.  We'd need similar magic this time around, too.

While Terry spoke well enough of Hiddink's qualities — "hunger", "passion", "fire" — the responsibility eventually falls on the players.  The same players who have underperformed so drastically so far this season.

"If it was the case where you could get rid of a lot of players I'm sure clubs would do that, but unfortunately it does fall on the manager's head, there's nothing we can do about that. Obviously we are gutted the manager has gone, we as players feel responsible for that. We are not hiding away from that fact."

-John Terry; source: FourFourTwo

We've heard similar talk many times this season already.  Maybe this time, true action will follow it as well.

"We spoke on Friday about staying together; all of us sticking together - not just today or tomorrow but over the next five or six months - and getting ourselves back up the league table. Unfortunately, the manager's head is on the block, he loses his job and collectively we have to take responsibility for that, which we have done."

"A lot of us have spoken publicly to say we haven't been performing well enough; today is a step in the right direction to where we want to be, which is climbing the league table."

-John Terry; source: Independent

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