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The Great Managerial Merry-go-round, starring Guardiola, Ancelotti, Pellegrini, Mourinho

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Should we go with the musical chairs analogy or the merry-go-round analogy?  Let's go with the merry-go-round one, since it would appear that all managers will have a place by the end of the summer.  Except maybe Louis van Gaal.  Though Real Madrid might have an opening for him, once the Rafalución burns the place down.

In any case, the merry-go-round's already starting to spin, thanks to our strange decision to fire the best manager in club history... at this particular junction.  It's not that results haven't been terrible, but some of the underlying play and metrics were improving, we are apparently willing to reinforce the squad, and it's not like an interim manager will be any more likely to play the youth.  In short, Mourinho should've been fired either two months or not at all.  But I digress.

Despite the results of the past few months, Mourinho's not expected to be out of a job for long.  (Imagine that!  The best manager in the world not being out of a job for long!  Who'da thunk it!)  With just about everybody growing disgruntled with Van Gaal, The Special One's expected to become Manchester United manager sooner rather than later.  Try that feeling on for size now; practice it; then practice it some more before the real thing hits.

The bad news from Mourinho-whisperer Castles doesn't end there.

Pellegrini is expected to become available this summer when Pep Guardiola takes over the blue half of Manchester — Carlo Ancelotti has already been confirmed as Bayern's next manager.  From a neutral's perspective, Pep and Jose in the same city, leading two big rivals is as juicy as it gets.  From our perspective, it's just about the worst outcome, especially if Pellegrini ends up in the manager's chair.  As Immortan Joe famously said, "mediocre!"  Get used to it.

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