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Oscar: Sunderland win was 'one of my best games this season'

It is rather ironic that Oscar had his best game of the season — or even longer? — in the first match of the Second Post-Mourinho Era. Oscar was, after all, Mourinho's chosen one to bring balance to the number-10 position, handpicked at the start of the Second Mourinho Era, to build the team around him. Preferred to purely attacking options like Juan Mata and Kevin De Bruyne, both of whom eventually went looking for playing time elsewhere, Oscar was going to be the epitome of the modern number-10.

We've seen performances like this before of course. But not very consistently and usually only during the first halves of seasons. At the start of last year's campaign, for example, Oscar was Chelsea's best player not Eden Hazard. So we know he's capable, and on Saturday, given plenty of space in which to operate by Sunderland, Oscar brought his very best.

Tricks, and flicks and tackling and pressing and everything nice and lovely. He even received a very nice applause from the fans, something not afforded to the other substituted players on Saturday.

More of the same next time, too, please, Oscar!

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