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Mourinho statement reveals immediate plans to get back into management; Manchester United already linked

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The second Jose Mourinho era has come to an end.

Most expect the embattled manager to spend the next few months recharging, refocusing, relaxing with his family away from the limelight and the drama and the pressures of the modern game.  But Mourinho's never been one to live too long without football, and according to a statement released on his behalf by his agents at CAA, he's not planning on taking much of a break at all.

"José Mourinho is pleased that he returned to Chelsea football club because he was able to give the fans another Premier League title, which they had not won for many years. He is immensely proud of his eight trophies at Chelsea, and thanks the fans for all their support throughout his two spells at the club."

"During his career, José has sometimes chosen to leave a club, but only at Chelsea has the club decided that he should leave."

"Each time represents for him the end of a cycle, and the opportunity to start a new one. José hopes that his future after Chelsea this time will be as successful as when he left the club in 2007.

"He will not be taking a sabbatical, he isn't tired, he doesn't need it, he is very positive, and is already looking forward."

"Because of his love of football, you will see José at football grounds working and supporting friends. He will not be attending any high-profile games because he wants to discourage any speculation about his future.

"José will remain living in London and hopes he and his family will be given the opportunity to do this privately."

"José will not speak about his current situation for the foreseeable future. He asks the media to respect this decision."

-CAA statement via Telegraph

So we can safely cross out the happy and smooth "mutual consent" means of departure that Chelsea's official statement claimed.  Given Michael Emenalo's tone in his post-sacking interview with Chelsea TV, we had already figured that was just positive spin from the club and not reflective of the actual reality.  Which is a shame.  But, what's done is done.

More concerning is the lack of a break and it playing hand-in-hand with the rumors about Mourinho replacing Louis van Gaal at Manchester United sooner rather than later.  The darkest timeline, if you will.  Mourinho and United are a long-standing rumor (of not much substance so far), but maybe this is their golden opportunity, just like when Liverpool sprung for Jurgen Klopp.

Meanwhile, we're left with the same players, the same concerns, the same challenges, and only continuity coming at the boardroom   What was the point again?

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