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Guus Hiddink confirms talks to return to Chelsea

Christopher Lee/Getty Images

As time goes by, more signs point towards Guus Hiddink becoming Chelsea's new manager - the latest evidence coming from the manager himself as he confirmed talks to the team in an interview to Dutch news outlet De Telegraaf.

"I want to get some good insight before I make my decision. I want as much information as possible. Chelsea are in a bad situation and there are reasons for that. I want to gain some good insights on that before I make my decision. Whether or not I'm visiting their next match depends on my first conversation. Then I'll decide if I should stay in London longer."

-Guus Hiddink; Source: De Telegraaf via ESPN FC

Hiddink was spotted arriving in London at the Heathrow Airport, with the BBC reporting that Chelsea and our former interim manager held a meeting in one of the city's hotels. But Hiddink still sounds undecided on whether he will take the managerial hot seat at Stamford Bridge.

"We are still talking, exchanging stuff... It is possible that we would still use this weekend to discuss. It could take hours or days before I say yes or no. The news is fresh. I first want to take a good look."

-Guus Hiddink; Source: FOX Sports via ESPN FC

Going hand-in-hand with Emenalo's talk of contingency plans, this swift action shows that even though Mourinho's sacking wasn't the preferred outcome of the past few weeks and months, we probably have been already looking for alternative names even before the dismissal. With the lack of high-profile names in the market available and/or willing to sign on for an interim term at Chelsea, Hiddink seems to be best option.

Seeing how little time he will have from any hiring action to our next game against Sunderland tomorrow at Stamford Bridge, it's likely that Hiddink will only be at the stands watching the game while Steve Holland and Eddie Newton take the reigns of Chelsea's first-team. Perhaps the presence of their new manager in the stadium will also serve as an incentive for the players to produce a better showing than our last two league game

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