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Chelsea technical director Michael Emenalo reveals why Jose Mourinho was dismissed

In an exclusive interview with Chelsea TV, Michael Emenalo has revealed why Jose Mourinho was sacked on Thursday afternoon. This interview is important enough that Chelsea have actually released the full video on the club's YouTube channel rather than just making it available behind the paywall of the Fan Club+ product.

Watch it.

A few key phrases that stood out to me:

"It was a decision to protect the interest of the club"
"A palpable discord between manager and players and we feel it was time to act"
"The owner is forced to make what was a very tough decision for the good of the club"
"One point above relegation; that's not good enough"
"This club is in trouble; something needed to be done"

Emenalo comes down firmly on the side of the players -- which he would have to do regardless of whether he agrees with the sacking or not -- but he does remind them that it is now up to them to prove everyone (including Mourinho!) wrong and propel Chelsea up the league table with better performances.

That said, placing the blame firmly on the manager will not make Emenalo too many friends.

As far as the next manager, Emenalo only reveals that there are contingency plans in place and that we are working "vigorously" to find an interim manager, but it sounds like for now, for Saturday, we will just have "competent people" come up form within the club to take charge on the touchline. It's your time to shine, Steve Holland!

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