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Another Chelsea dressing room leak story

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Cesc Fàbregas was recently cleared several times over of being the leader of the so-called "mutiny" against Mourinho, that supposed uprising of Player Power, of which nothing came, that the papers were running with not that long ago.  Yet it is his name again that is central to Matt Hughes's "exclusive" in The Times about a supposed dressing room leak.  And we all know how much Jose supposedly dislikes dressing room leaks!

The Times has been told that the Chelsea manager deliberately used the word "betrayal" in three post-match interviews to convey his feeling of being undermined from within his dressing room, as a result of his belief that Porto gained knowledge of his starting line-up before last week's Champions League tie at Stamford Bridge.

Mourinho had sprung a surprise by dropping Cesc Fàbregas to the bench, but was astonished to discover through a contact from his time at the club that Porto were aware of his plans before kick-off. Mourinho goes to great lengths to keep his team selection and tactics a secret —€” instructing players not to tell family members or their agents whether they will start in the next game —€” and so concluded that the leak must have come from within. Although Mourinho has yet to find the alleged culprit, there is no suggestion that Fàbregas was involved...

-source: Times

Wonder who leaked the story about a leak to Hughes?  Leak-ception!  Then again, given the tone of the rest of the piece, which even positions Mourinho's and Cheslea's annual hospital visit as something not normal for when there's such crises going on at the club, I'm not sure we need to put too much stock into these rumors.

Mourinho's recent unhappiness may or may not have something to do with some minor lineup leak — even my semi-educated guess didn't think Fabregas would start in the pivot with Matic (though I did think Cesc would still be there instead of Oscar) — but it most definitely has something to do with our terrible play in our last two Premier League matches.  I would assume that's what occupies Mourinho's mind 99.8% of the time.

Not to mention, the actual "betrayal" quote was quite specifically about our level of play in Leicester and not following what was talked about in training beforehand, not squad selection in Portugal.

"...[Vardy & Mahrez goals] very difficult to accept because I feel that my work was betrayed, if these are the right words."

-Jose Mourinho

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