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Who holds the power: José or the players?

We can't be far off from the board making their decision for a better future... selling players in January or replacing the manager. Can't everyone get along like last season?

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London is Blue is a soccer fancast created by Chelsea FC fans from America and covers all things Chelsea. Hosts are @BBBusbee@DanDormer and @NickVerlaney.


Chelsea 2-0 Porto

UEFA Champions League

Does anyone even remember what this game felt like last week? It seems like such a distant memory...

Chelsea 1-2 Leicester City

English Permier League

While the majority of the conversations surrounding José's post-match comments, we still had to discuss Eden's injury. This is a lose-lose situation: either he is seriously hurt or he isn't and just didn't want to play.

Our very own @NickVerlaney even went so far as to predict Eden Hazard's departure this January.

Mourinho has used so many different tactics to motivate the players, mainly by protecting them from criticism, but that changed as he's clearly ran out of options. Here are just a few that we spoke about in the podcast.

To clarify, this quote which has been wildly exaggerated was in regards to the players executing in practice, but not in games. The media is having a ball with mis-representing that quote...

If you're keeping score at home the magic number is 40 to avoid relegation. We have 15 points so far from 16 games.

That has to be the fan-favorite from the night as the debate rages on who to blame: José or the players.

Thoughts on the rest of the season

  • Chelsea must be conscious of avoiding relegation;
  • This seems like a perfect time to get young players more experience;

  • If Chelsea are serious about building a long-term project, sacking the manager won't help.

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