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Chelsea to redouble John Stones efforts with Arsenal, Manchester United circling

Steve Bardens/Getty Images

It would appear that the cosmic joke that is the Chelsea 2015-16 season is showing no signs of returning to some level of normalcy.  Working on that frame of reference, spending upwards of £40m on John Stones makes perfect sense.  When nothing makes sense, everything makes sense.

Chelsea will relaunch their £40million bid to sign Everton defender John Stones as soon as the transfer window opens in January.

-source: Express

Sure, the Express are fairly low as far as reliability and reputations are concerned, but Chelsea returning for Stones in January has been an assumed outcome since our ever-increasing summer bids were repeatedly turned down.

What could drive the 21-year-old's price up even further is supposed interest from both Manchester United, who might be willing to go even as high as £50m, and Arsenal, who could use an upgrade or two over the likes of Calum Chambers.

As outrageous as these prices may seem, when everything's the worst, change, any change, any improvement may be priceless.  While nobody at Chelsea seems to be pressing the PANIC button, something must be done.  We cannot just idly stand by.  And in that case, we may very well be more tempted to press the DESPERATION button instead of the YOUTH button.  (Though may John Stones is an answer to both those calls?)

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