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Court date set as damages and reinstatement sought in Dr. Carneiro vs. Mourinho and Chelsea cases

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The rather unsavory episode at the very beginning of the season between Jose Mourinho and the Chelsea medical staff is set for its next development, as on January 6, the preliminary, private hearings will take place at the London South Employment Tribunal in Croydon in the case of Dr. Carneiro vs. Mourinho and vs. Chelsea Football Club.

(Meanwhile, physio Jon Fearn has since returned to his duties at Chelsea, though those responsibilities continue to not include match-day duties.)

As per Sky Sports, Dr. Carneiro (and her legal team) are pushing forward with their claims of constructive dismissal against the club as well as sexual discrimination against Jose Mourinho himself.  The Chelsea manager was cleared by The FA on similar charges earlier this season, though The FA are hardly a paragon on consistent decision-making, so I doubt that's any indication of the outcome of the actual lawsuit.

With the hearings, we should be reaching the logical conclusion of this whole saga that we (well, Mourinho) have brought upon himself and the club.  Chances are, the lawyers will hash out some sort of agreement well before either affected party would have to make a court appearance.  Interestingly, according to Sky Sports, Dr. Carneiro is also seeking reinstatement to her previous duties at Chelsea.

Which... what?  Surely, her position as first-team doctor has long become untenable.  A bit of a strange request, from my lay-person's viewpoint in any case, unless of course it's a legal consideration to make sure she gets proper compensation or some such.

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