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Ivanovic on finding peace, finding form, and hopefully finding some points in the league

Clive Mason/Getty Images

Since coming back from a hamstring injury suffered in October, Vice-captain Branislav Ivanovic has played in four matches and seen Chelsea concede just one goal.  While goals at the other end haven't exactly been flowing in either — just three scored in that same span, two of those coming against Porto on Wednesday — but with the defense seemingly sorted, we can now figure out what to do about the struggling attack, too.

"It was difficult to be out and to see your team-mates playing and fighting for something knowing you cannot help, but when I look back now maybe it was a good time for me because I found peace."

"The most important thing was to come back from injury stronger, and now I can say I am feeling much better and I am good to play. I still think I can do much, much better to be at the level I was at last season, so I have to keep working very hard."

-Branislav Ivanovic; source: Chelsea FC

As far as Ivanovic himself is concerned, he seems to have put the struggles of the early season behind him.  While Chelsea were broken beyond just a simple fix of switching right backs, even he acknowledges that he was nowhere near his best.

"Honestly, I am so happy [here]. I am trying to do my best. I know I didn't start the season well, but I am back."

"I hope the result will be good for the team. In that case, I will be good as well. I hope and I think we will have time to speak about my future."

-Branislav Ivanovic; source: Independent

With Ivanovic turning 32 soon, his only option at Chelsea would be our customary one-year contract extensions for the over 30 crowd.  Mourinho recently advocated patience in this regard and Ivanovic seems to be singing the same tune.  For now.  (Just like John Terry, Bane will be free to discuss pre-contracts with teams from abroad starting in January.)

Turning attentions to more immediate matters, Ivanovic is hoping for a good result against Leicester City on Monday, ready to contribute and help in any way possible.

"If kicking him helps it is normal. Some strikers don't like it when you kick them. You kill their confidence.

"But he is doing really well and his confidence is very high at the moment. He never stops and that is very difficult for a defender. I think it will be very hard."

-Branislav Ivanovic; source: Express

Like the rest of the team, Ivanovic is looking to build on the crucial Champions League win on Wednesday with matching performances in the Premier League as well.  It's not over until it's over!

"This season, as every season here, is so long. The good thing about us is we can still change it. We can make a good season. A good season at the moment for us, of course, is not the aim to think about, but focus on every game."

-Branislav Ivanovic; source: Independent

Just win, baby.

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