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Turns out the story about Fabregas leading a mutiny was a fabrication

I'm just as surprised as no one.

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Just over a month ago, Cesc Fabregas was branded the leader of the mutiny against Jose Mourinho by something (somebody?  somebodies?) called "The Secret Footballer".

Normally, we'd ignore such nonsense, but as it tends to happen in this modern, Twitterified world of ours, some picked up on this unnamed all-seeing, all-knowing self-proclaimed insider's accusations.  Unsurprisingly, it all eventually filtered down to Fabregas himself.  Instead of also ignoring it, Cesc was motivated to release a statement on his Facebook page, reiterating his happiness at the club and his excellent relationship with the manager.

It is perhaps the least surprising outcome that, given Cesc's obvious unhappiness with these ridiculous stories, The Secret Footballer website have (finally) released an official statement of apology.

In an item published in the Secret Footballer's Diary on 2 November 2015 it was claimed that Chelsea's Cesc Fabregas was the leader of a mini-revolt against manager Jose Mourinho. Our information on this was incorrect. Cesc Fabregas was not organising a dressing room revolt and has an excellent relationship with the manager. He is very happy at Chelsea. We regret our error and have apologised to Cesc Fabregas.

-source: The Secret Footballer

Fat good that'll do to change the narrative of course, but perhaps it'll help them avoid the libel charges.

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