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Nemanja Matic: Chelsea will try to win the Champions League again

Clive Rose/Getty Images

By handing a solid defeat to Porto at the Champions League in yesterday's game, Chelsea players, manager, fans seem to be in high spirits after proving many doubters wrong about our chances of going through in the competition. Speaking to UEFA's official website, defensive midfielder Nemanja Matic claims the team is set to push these perceived limits even farther, all the way to winning the competition altogether once again:

"The Champions League is a tough competition and there are a lot of good teams still in it but I hope that we can do something. Chelsea won it before and we will try to do it again. There is still a long way to go but we will give it our best."

"We respect the fact that we are representing English football and we are doing it very well. We have come first in the group and that's not easy. I am happy we have done that and the atmosphere is very positive in the squad."

-Nemanja Matic; Source:

Given our slim chances of achieving a top four league finish, it shouldn't be much of a surprise if the team chooses to focus their attention in competitions that we still have a chance of winning, such as the Champions League itself and the FA Cup. And I'm sure most Chelsea fans wouldn't be opposed to a run similar to the one made in the 2011-12, which resulted in a Champions League title - and berth - as well as a FA Cup trophy, although at the cost of losing a Portuguese manager and a top-four finish in the league.

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