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Football Beyond Borders: Ramires goes back to school

Especially in this day and age of modern football, with the ever increasing emphasis on revenue and results that is brought along by clubs becoming global businesses, it's lovely to see players engaging with the local area, and doing good in the community.

Football isn't unique in this aspect of course, and neither are Chelsea within the sport or the league, but as Chelsea fans, it should be a matter of pride that our club and our players do engage in such activities. We might be Killing Football™ and all those other narratives, but we're also do things like Ramires paying a visit to a couple hundred kids at Football Beyond Borders and making their day just with his sheer presence. As the video above shows, he's the latest in a series of big Premier League stars, who include Yaya Toure, Santi Cazorla, and Branislav Ivanovic, to lend himself to the charity's cause.

Such stories aren't the things that sell papers and get page clicks. The journalist Henry Winter has over a million followers on Twitter; his tweet, at the time of this writing, had gotten less than 10 retweets and likes, each. But these are the stories that truly matter, that prove that football can be a bit more than just 22 players running about, complaining about refereeing injustices, and making headlines out of taking off a training bib.

Well done, Ramires!

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