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Moupocalypse Today: Brendan Rodgers enters the interim Chelsea picture

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Another loss.  Seventh already on the season.  Many will remind that the last time Chelsea started this badly, we were relegated.  Chances are, that won't happen, though obviously we'll have to improve our results first before we could realistically claim to be "too good to go down".

Will the turnaround come with Jose Mourinho still in charge?  Talk of a sack seemed to die down over the past week, but now we have two weeks to contemplate the future.  This was supposedly the time to sack the Special One regardless of results anyway, to give the new man time to prepare, no?

Many of the candidates linked with a potential Chelsea job are rumored to be taking over only in the summer.  So if the club have truly lined up the likes of Diego Simeone or Pep Guardiola or even Carlo Ancelotti to come in after this season, we will need an interim manager in the meantime as well.  The last two such appointments rant the full gamut from club legend to perhaps the most reviled managerial appointment ever.

Di Matteo could be a candidate once more, as could another very successful previous short-term manager, Guus Hiddink, but the latest name is another former Liverpool man, Brendan Rodgers, who was recently let go on Merseyside in favor of Jürgen Klopp.  The rumors aren't exactly impeccably sourced, but Rodgers is a top candidate for oddsmakers, too.  It would not be the most surprising choice, especially given Rodgers's four years spent at Chelsea as a fairly successful youth coach earlier in his career.  There's little reason to think he isn't well regarded at Chelsea despite his recently acquired Liverpool stigma; certainly better history there than with Benitez at least.

Should the seemingly inevitable finally happen with Mourinho, keep an eye on for Brendan.  He could very well be our next Interim manager.

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