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Begovic: Chelsea remain united behind Mourinho, believe luck will eventually turn

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Not much left to say that hasn't been said many times before already in the last couple months.  Even with generally improving performances, the results are not coming for Chelsea.  A third successive defeat in the Premier League is something we haven't seen since 1999.  While talk of a sack had died down ahead of the trip to Stoke thanks to the win on Wednesday, we now have two football-free weeks to contemplate life, football, and Mourinho.

With the manager serving his stadium ban, there was no post-match interview from him.  We did get a few words from Asmir "This is not what I signed up for!" Begovic, who claimed Chelsea are still very much united behind the manager and it's only with him that we'll be able to turn our season around.

"Jose did the pre-match talk at the hotel and that was it."

"[His future] is out of our hands.  We are behind the manager - you can see that from our performances. We think he is the right man and someone we work hard for. His spirit and his presence is always there, we wanted to get a result for him."

One can only imagine how Mourinho was reacting to all this unfolding on his TV set.

"We definitely did enough to get a result here, but when things aren't going your way you don't get the luck you deserve. We hit the post, we slipped over when we had open goals, we are making things hard for ourselves."

-Asmir Begovic; source: BBC

We keep thinking it can't get any worse, but even when there are signs of hope, somehow, it all ends up not working out in the end.  There used to be a time, when somehow we'd always pull the rabbit out of the hat.  Now, there's no rabbit.  And no hat either.  We keep pulling and pushing and huffing and puffing, but in the end, it's the same ol' story that the rest of the season's been.

Can we find a magic cure in the next two weeks?  If only it were that easy...

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