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So now Mourinho's not getting sacked in the morning after Stoke City?

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There is a "law" regarding headlines, which states that if a question is asked in the headline, the answer will be 'no'.  It's based on the idea that if you have a hard-hitting story based on foolproof sources, you will lead with something like 'Mourinho's getting sacked in the morning!'.  If you don't, if your sources are dubious or you're just reporting some rumors or looking to rope in the more gullible, you will instead lead with 'Is Mourinho getting sacked in the morning?'.  With that in mind, I'm not sure what to think of Dan Levene's latest missive regarding Mourinho's future.  If you recall, he's the one who reported a few days ago that the manager will be fired after the Stoke City match regardless of wins or performances in the meantime.

So, have Chelsea fans saved Mourinho from the sack? Based on the above principle, the answer is no and he's still getting the boot while hiding in the laundry basket in the rec center next door to the Britannia Stadium.  But delving into the report itself, we find a maze of interconnected machinations, centered around keeping fans happy for an impending CPO approach by the ownership as we look to finalize the plans for building the new stadium.  So, the thinking goes, if the fans are visibly  still as happy with Mourinho as we were on Wednesday, then why rock the boat and make the situation even more toxic?

A well placed source told me there was a real fear at the highest level of the implications of riling Chelsea's overwhelmingly pro-Mourinho support, and that there was a concern of a return to the toxic scenes seen after the misguided appointment of Rafael Benitez as interim boss.


Chelsea have been on a charm offensive with the fans since the reappointment of Mourinho. The bigger prize is seen as the smooth development of the new Stamford Bridge - plans for which are expected to be revealed imminently.

Soon Roman Abramovich will expect to go to those same fans who sang Mourinho's name loud and clear, and ask for their Chelsea Pitch Owners (CPO) shares. And there is a concern that tricky task will be made all the more difficult if the Russian is perceived to have not given Mourinho a proper crack at the job.

For the only larger crisis the club has seen in recent years, than the Benitez appointment, was the painful and still bitter botched attempt to take over CPO in 2011.

-Dan Levene; Get West London

Those two moves were certainly unpopular, and there's no doubt that sacking Mourinho, despite our horrendous league position, would be unpopular as well.  And that's regardless of the already much longer leash afforded to the Special One than any other manager before him in the Roman Era (including Mourinho himself the first time around).

So, who knows what to think.  I suspect we will see rumors one way or another all the way through the weekend.  With so much uncertainty, the best solution to this crisis would be of course to just keep on winning.  One down, many more to go.  One game at a time, as the cliche goes.  Just keep winning...

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