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Super-agent Jorge Mendes: 'There's no chance' Mourinho will leave Chelsea

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Few people not directly involved in the game of football carry as much name-recognition as super-agent Jorge Mendes does.  Though I suppose that precisely, in part at least, due to his own work with clients such as Cristiano Ronaldo, James Rodriguez, Falcao, Diego Costa, and Jose Mourinho, we've come to regard agents as very much a key part of modern football.

In any case, here's Jorge Mendes with some strong words of support for the Chelsea manager, both in terms of keeping his current job and being able to turn our season around.

"He doesn't need to prove anything to anybody. He knows what to do. Many people are saying these things but there is no chance [he will leave]. He will solve the problem. He is the best."

It's unclear where exactly the interview with the BBC's Dan Roan was conducted and whether Mendes was at the Bridge last night or if he just watched it on television; the former case could certainly create a few uncomfortable speculations...

"The reaction from the supporters tells you everything. They like him."

"Everyone, players, coaches, you have good moments and bad moments. It is impossible to find someone like him to solve the problem."

One can only hope that if Jose's job was (and is) truly under consideration, the amazing, unilateral show of support by the home crowd perhaps swayed the argument in the manager's favor.

It also sounds like Mendes is quite convinced that Mourinho will stay with us a bit longer.  So, just keep winning, and everything will be fine...

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