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Monaco dismiss 'extravagant and unsubstantiated' Mourinho rumors

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Unsurprisingly, a man best known for making outlandish claims appears to have been making outlandish claims once again.

International businessman of mystery, Alessandro Proto, not only claims to be a multimillionaire, a minority shareholder in AS Monaco (of which there seems to be no record), and the inspiration for several poorly written romance novels (or at least shades 1-49), he's also been going around telling everyone who'd listen that he's personally trying to sign Jose Mourinho as the next manager of "his" club.  Apparently Monaco got wind of this yesterday and were just as baffled as most of us.

How very polite and proper of them.

Of course, Proto also claimed that he's "considering" signing — "investing in" — Mourinho himself as some sort of managerial third party owner if Monaco were unwilling or unable to jump on this opportunity of a lifetime.  So maybe we'll hear from him again in the future.  Or, more than likely, that will turn out to be even bigger nonsense than these Monaco rumors have been.

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