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Strong and mature: Mourinho praises Chelsea players for perfect reaction

Not weak & naive!

Happy happy joy joy
Happy happy joy joy
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What a difference 90 minutes can make.

Not that every little thing is going to be alright from here on in, but if many months from now we can look back and point to Wednesday's match against Dynamo Kiev as some sort of turning point for the season, it wouldn't be the most surprising outcome.  Chelsea still conceded a silly goal of course, but unlike in games prior, the team didn't crumble.  This wasn't Liverpool or Southampton or West Ham or many other matches where we've come close or had a good moment, but then failed to follow through or failed to build to a satisfying result.  This time, thanks to magic man Willian, and key reinforcements off the bench, we found the all-important winning goal.

"From a mental point of view it was important to have a reaction to a negative moment. In other matches we've had good periods and played well, but when the negative moment arrived the team felt it too much and it was difficult to emerge again."

"Today it was perfect because we conceded a goal with 15 minutes to go and the team emerged. They knew a draw would be acceptable but they wanted to win. To have people like Hazard and Pedro on the bench helps the morale of the team because they know they can change the type of game we were playing, because with Oscar and Willian as wingers it's a certain kind of football, with Pedro and Hazard it's different."

"To win after conceding with 10-15 minutes to go was important. It's something I spoke with the players a lot about in the last two or three days, saying when the difficult moment arrives, face it, don't be affected, keep the belief and they were fantastic."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Chelsea FC

Both Hazard and Pedro looked ready to take on the whole world when they came on, their desire and hunger laughing full-on in the face of all the rumors about dressing room mutiny and strife between players and manager.  When Mikel spoke of players showing on the pitch their desire to play for the shirt and play for the manager, this is what he was talking about.  Finally, some life.  Finally, some desire.  And even a win and three points!

What a difference 90 minutes can make.

Now we must build on this.  Next up, Stoke, again.  Last time our good effort went unrewarded.  It's time to flip that narrative.

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