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Dynamo Kiev coach finds English media's questions and Mourinho obsession ridiculous

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Dynamo Kiev head coach Sergey Rebrov may have played in England for a few years back in the early 2000s, but he's clearly forgotten just how silly our pre-match (and post-match) press conferences can be.  Banal question after useless question, and that's even before Jose Mourinho casts his all-encompassing aura over the proceedings.

Some, like West Ham boss Slaven Bilic a couple weeks ago, take it in stride and run with it; maybe they make a joke.  But for Rebrov, this is no time for fun and games.  This is time for serious business.  They're here to win, after all.

"It's a little bit funny, ridiculous that I have to constantly answer the questions about Mourinho. Fifty percent of questions are about Mourinho."

"We really shouldn't be thinking about what's happening with Chelsea at the moment. What is happening with them now can happen to anyone. We need to focus on our game and not to think whether it's a wounded animal or not."

"We wish Chelsea to do very well in the Premier League but not tomorrow."

-Sergey Rebrov; source: Express

Thanks, Mr. Rebrov.  Welcome back to England.  And sorry about that.  Though, in fairness, you can't possibly expect football press conferences to be interesting or (at least mostly) be about the actual football, you silly person, you.  That'd be uncivilized!

(And tell that Ukrainian journalist who dared ask Mourinho about the football to pipe down and next time, talk about feelings and self-reflection and other such impossible things instead.)

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