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Eden Hazard reflects on his best game of the season against Tottenham

Appropriately enough for this nonsensical season Chelsea are having, what many seem to be calling Hazard's best game of the season, including Jose Mourinho (!), came in a 0-0 draw.  At least it was against rivals Tottenham, and away, but a match featuring zero goals is not normally something that would be associated with best anything for an attacking player who not that long ago was voted the best player in the Premier League by just about everyone.  But these are the days, my friends.

Mourinho did try a new tactical wrinkle, leaving Diego Costa out and rolling with four attacking midfielders to lead the line.  At times, this move did pay dividends, though obviously not in terms of a goal.  For his part, Hazard had fun with it.

"There was a lot of movement with small passes between us. It was not always easy but we did a good job and tried to score. We enjoyed playing together."

"I have played on the left, on the right, recently in the number 10 role, and I just enjoy playing. I know to give my all wherever I am on the pitch."

Movement, movement, movement.  We've ben lacking movement by and large this season, but some of what was on display Sunday at White Hart Lane should be carried forward to subsequent goals and glory.  Hazard may not get his wish to play in the number 10 role, but when the formation is as fluid as it was against Spurs, especially in the first half, such rigid designations of positions don't matter all that much anyway.

Not that I'd expect otherwise, Hazard's ready to commit to the cause in whatever position has starts.

"We try to take game after game and win game after game. We won against Norwich, we drew here and we play a good game at home next week which we have to win. We want to finish in the top four and we know it's difficult but we will try. We will continue to work hard and continue to take pleasure from our game."

A six-point against another top four contender would've certainly been useful.  Alas, we'll just have to make up the 10+ point difference in the next 24 weeks.

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