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The Daily Hilario: Aggro

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.

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Sadly, my new found, re-found love affair with Hearthstone is fading quickly once again.  Should've stuck with just arena and tavern brawl.  Got sucked back into the ranked/ladder games, against my better judgement, and it's once again the wonderful land of secret paladins, face hunters and other stupid nonsense.  Oh, and now there's aggro druid, too.  Zero skill, all RNG.  I'm pretty I've won about 10-20% of my games over the weekend, sinking down from Rank 5 to Rank 9.

Stuff I like to play, control/dragon priest or tempo mage is simply not viable.  Frustrating.


12.05:  U21 Premier League, 8th vs. 1st:  CHELSEA U21 vs. Sunderland U21
18.00:  Serie A, 7th vs. 3rd:  Sassuolo vs. Fiorentina
19.45:  Championship, 24th vs. 11th:  Bolton Wanderers vs. Brentford
20.00:  Serie A, 2nd vs. 1st:  Napoli vs. Internazionale

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