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Chelsea vs. Dynamo Kiev, Champions League: You choose the squad

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Clive Rose/Getty Images

On Wednesday, Chelsea face a must-win contest at Stamford bridge if they want a good chance to keep their Champions League campaign going into 2016. The Blues took just one point from their two previous group stage fixtures, and need a win over Dynamo Kiev to move relatively comfortably into an advancing position.

This match could also be the last for Jose Mourinho at Stamford Bridge If the rumors making the rounds are to be believed. He'll be without both Thibaut Courtois or Branislav Ivanovic as the pair continue to rehab injury, but everyone else should be available as the Blues look to make it seven points from their first four Champions League matches.

As always, please fill out the attached form, letting us know who you'd select for the starting lineup and the bench. You can keep up with the responses from the rest of the community by clicking this link.