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Chelsea highlights: Oscar's two nutmegs against Tottenham Hotspur

Chelsea may not have won the actual match, but at least we didn't lose.  Progress!  Plus, a clean sheet, our third in a row.  Baby steps.  One might argue that we need giant steps, like a six-point against a top four contender, but we'll have to settle for baby steps.

There have been many "lowlights" form this 0-0 draw already.  Diego Costa's sideshow antics.  Cesc Fabregas's regression to your average Sunday League footballer.  And of course our continued woes when it comes to finishing off chances.

But here are a couple highlights to enjoy and savor, Oscar getting into the holiday spirit with a couple nutcrackers.  No wait, nutmegs.  That's the one.  Nutmegs.  And who doesn't like a good nutmeg?  And TWO nutmegs?  Now you're just being spoiled.

With Costa on the bench, Chelsea's four attacking midfielders were quite fun to watch at times.  Unfortunately, they did not produce where it mattered most.  Still, the defense seems to be mostly sorted, so now we can figure out what can be done about the offense and, if necessary, what reinforcements can be brought in.

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