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Azpilicueta: 'I like to win every day' even in training

Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

César Azpilicueta — i.e. Dave — still remembers his Chelsea debut, now some three years in the foggy past.  It's just one of things he reveals in part one of an interview with Chelsea's official website.

"I felt very tired afterwards because I had extra pressure and extra motivation playing my first game for a new club. I was nervous, too. I knew I hadn't arrived as a big signing and not many people in this country knew who I was but that was okay, it wasn't a problem. I just wanted to show my qualities."

Azpilicueta wasn't the most heralded signing in the post-Champions League trophy-winning glow summer of 2012, but after proving himself for three managers, he's become an invaluable member of the squad.  He made his 150th appearance for the club last weekend.

"When you arrive at a big club it's a challenge: to adapt to a new league, a new language, everything. I was adapting step by step and I was very pleased to come here. My goal was just to keep improving."

"I have changed quite a lot since then. I have had the chance to work with the best manager and with the best players. The club have all the facilities to help you improve. I have played on the left side, too. It's my fourth season here and I have improved. Now I want to keep growing with the club and with the team, and to keep developing as a player."

"When you stay at the same club, a big club with big players, you pick up some good experiences. Personally I like to win every day. This is how I am. Sometimes I cannot accept defeat. I like to win even in training. I cannot change that; the day I do will probably be the day I retire!"

No wonder Jose Mourinho wishes he had 11 Azpilicuetas in his squad.  Hopefully, with confidence slowly returning to the squad and everyone speaking well of keeping this small run of good results going, we will only need 1 tomorrow against Spurs.

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