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Predicted Chelsea lineup against Spurs: Terry, Ramires absences simplify decisions

Ian Walton/Getty Images

Chelsea count four injuries heading into Sunday's high noon showdown at White Hart Lane, three of which actually matter.  If we never see Radamel Falcao again in a Chelsea shirt, there's a good chance that the universe would continue unaffected in the slightest bit.

With Courtois out but getting ever closer, now is the time for Asmir Begovic to truly step up and show management why they might choose to retain him as our starting goalkeeper even when young T-BO comes back.  And while I don't think that'll happen, we could really use a really good day from Begovic here.

In defense, in Terry's absence, the starters pick themselves.  Branislav Ivanovic got the rest midweek, so he should be fresh and ready on the right, while Azpilicueta returns to the left side.  Hopefully the constant switching of sides for Azpi doesn't contribute to a decreased level of performance.  In the center, it will be Gary Cahill (who had a terrible time here last season) and Kurt Zouma without whom we'd be in deep trouble.

Before Ramires hurt himself on the subpar turf while training in the stadium in Haifa, Israel, there was a chance that he would've gotten picked for this one, just like he tends to get picked for most of our tough away matches.  Without him, the midfield is bound to pair Nemanja Matic with Cesc Fabregas deep, and either Oscar or Pedro alongside Eden Hazard and Willian in the attacking band.

Up front, with Falcao out and Rémy possibly not available due to the birth of his child, there is only one choice.  Let's hope that Diego Costa also has a point to prove and that he decides to prove it by scoring a goal or getting someone sent off or both.

So, the predicted lineup, in all it's fairly familiar glory, is as follows.

Begovic | Azpilicueta, Cahill, Zouma, Ivanović | Matić, Fàbregas | Pedro, Hazard, Willian | Costa


This match seems important enough that even the community prefers Ivanović to start, while also giving the nod to Oscar over Pedro as the third member of the attacking band.

Begovic | Azpilicueta, Cahill, Zouma, Ivanović | Matić, Fàbregas | Hazard, Oscar, Willian | Costa

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