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Two key Chelsea players now 'doubtful' for Sunday's Spurs clash thanks to terrible pitch in Israel

Ian Walton/Getty Images

We all saw John Terry get injured in Tuesday night's Champions League group stage match against Maccabi Tel-Aviv, challenging for the ball with one of the defenders only to come off worse.  Even on replay there didn't seem to be too much egregious contact, which would then explain why Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho blamed the injury on the pitch.

Tel-Aviv's home stadium was not the venue for this match, just as it hadn't been for their previous two home games in the group.  Instead, it was at a stadium in Haifa, which also serves as a home base for the Israeli national team and a couple other local teams.  On first glance, the turf looked in decent condition, but was cutting up very badly even just a few minutes into the game; at one point, Mourinho himself walked out onto the pitch to replace a massive divot.

While the exact extent of either injury is known at this time, Mourinho's not counting with his captain.  And while Ramires, who was not in the matchday squad today due to that injury, may not have been a locked-on starter for Sunday, he does tend to play in tough away match-ups, where his indefatigable running and hassling can be crucial to a positive result.

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