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Another transfer battle brewing between Chelsea and Manchester United, this time over Southampton striker

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Apparently, it's been decided that the two teams who will buy every single potential transfer target out there are none other than Chelsea and Manchester United.  And while the latter just may do so (but maybe they'll just wait until the summer), Chelsea have recently hinted that no major moves should be expected.  But that's not going to stop the rumor mill now, is it?

And so, the battle lines the drawn once again between the Blue quarter of London and the red half of Manchester, this time over Southampton attacker Sadio Mane.  Chelsea are 'ready to enter the race', claims the Mirror.  Whatever that means.

Still, as with any striker rumor, there's always the possibility that there is some truth to it, considering our general ineptitude in front of goal so far this season.  Costa did score on Saturday and maybe he'll kick on to score by the hatful from here on in.  Or maybe he won't.  In fact, none of our three main strikers' futures are all that assured, with transfer rumors swirling around each and every one of Costa, Rémy, and Falcao at one time or another recently.  The latter is the one most often tipped to leave this January and he would certainly need replacing by at least an able body.  (And it's not like Falcao's going to stick around after the summer anyway.)

As discussed before, if said replacement actually turns out to be an upgrade, then that's all for the better!  Mane and his direct speed could always be useful in certain situations.

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