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Eden Hazard on Mourinho relationship and the switch to No.10 position

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Jose Mourinho, especially when things aren't going well for him, is often portrayed as some egomaniac intent on destroying players' careers (especially the filthy young'ns) and then take credit for all their accomplishments in order to further his own footballing ambitions.  That's probably not (all) true.  For one, he has far too many zealots among his former players who would put it all on the line for him.  And he's got far too many trophies for his success to be so destructive.  And every once in a while, even as the best manager he himself has ever known, he's willing to even listen to others.

"We spoke together before the Stoke game and I said to him, 'We have to try maybe to change something, if I can play No10.' I play a very good game in Stoke and on Saturday it was the same. I don't know if I have to play every game as a No10, but I just want to play."

-Eden Hazard; source: Chelsea FC

Hazard of course played the No10 position at Lille for many years, but he has spent the vast majority of his Chelsea career out on the left wing and to fantastic success.  But that was just one of the things we had come to take for granted that stopped working this season.  The last couple games, Hazard was back to playing more central and while his efforts there won't ever be confused for Oscar's or Willian's (especially on the defensive side of the ledger), he offers something far more attacking and direct than any of our usual options there.  Against Norwich, it lead to his best performance of the season.

Mourinho's willingness to listen to Hazard should speak to their good relationship as well.  Eden made sure to emphasize it.  This should put an end to the Real Madrid rumors for a few hours, right?

"I heard a lot of things about this [supposed rift], but no, everything is good with him."

"I don't have a problem with him. He is the best manager. He is the best manager for Chelsea and we hope we can win a lot of trophies together."

-Eden Hazard; source: ESPN

So say we all.

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