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Stuck on You - A Year in the Life of a Chelsea Supporter

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I had been meaning to buy Walter Otton's book, "Stuck on You - A Year in the Life of a Chelsea Supporter" for months. I had read his "Away Days" article, which was part of the 2014/15 Plains of Almeria season preview (by the way, POA is thankfully now a part of WAGNH, and the article is included in Walt's book), and it was easily one of my favourite reads in a comprehensively enjoyable 100-plus page preview. I also very much enjoy his contributions to the cfcuk fanzine, which I try to make a point of picking up whenever I manage to get to Stamford Bridge, so naturally, when I first heard Walt was writing a book on Chelsea, I fully intended to pre-order it on Amazon. Somehow, I forgot to.

The past two times I was at Stamford Bridge, I fully intended to drop by the cfcuk stall to grab a copy there, but I couldn't quite make it to the stall (upon exiting Fulham Broadway, I tend to get easily distracted, as I love match days, but only get to see Chelsea play at Stamford Bridge a few times each season).

Last week, our friends at Chelsea Fans Channel posted an interview with Walt at a fundraising event he and some fellow Chelsea fans organised for the Poppy Appeal, and in the interview (below), they chatted about his book. I had completely forgotten about Walt's book once again, but this video was a great reminder, and I made sure to finally purchase it before it slipped my mind again. I'm very glad I did finally remember to pick up Walt's book, and it did not disappoint.

Walt's book loosely takes the form of a diary, with entries colourfully detailing his match day experiences throughout the 2014/15 season. He also uses a stream of consciousness, in the best sense of the style, to ruminate on all manner of topics, Chelsea related and otherwise.

The best part about Walt's book, for me at least, was the overarching theme that going to Chelsea is as much about the opportunity to catch up and have a day out with friends and family as it is about the football, if not more so. Additionally, the often very funny details about his friends and fellow fans and the match day experience in general provides a thoroughly entertaining glimpse into life at Stamford Bridge. I think these tidbits will be especially welcomed by the millions of Chelsea supporters who aren't part of the lucky 40,000 who get to experience Stamford Bridge for themselves.

I highly recommend checking out the book, and you can grab the digital edition for just $2.99 US (here) or £1.99 UK (here).

* Note: WAGNH get several requests each week to post book, film, video game, app, digital media, etc. reviews and are inundated with requests from companies to share their products. We very rarely agree to any of these and routinely turn down money for these sorts of things, and I'll note that neither Walt nor his publisher asked us to do anything. I just really enjoy Walt's writing and I think you will too.

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