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Mourinho gives a Chelsea injury update ahead of Norwich City clash

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Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

The international break is finally over, and we'll have Chelsea football back on Saturday. With that in mind, Blues' manager Jose Mourinho provided a bit of an injury update during his press conference on Friday, ahead of Chelsea's fixture against Norwich City.

Mourinho specifically mentioned a trio of players in his remarks, with a pair definitely out of action for Saturday:

We know that Courtois has returned to training, and have heard that the Blues are targeting a return for the match against FC Porto, but Mourinho refused to set a date for the Belgian's return:

Speaking of Belgians, Eden Hazard was dealing with some illness during the international break. According to Jose,though, there's no problems there:

With any luck, Hazard will play on Saturday, and bang in a few goals. We can also cross our fingers that Courtois returns soon, and that when Falcao gets healthy, that he finds some form less reminiscent of Fernando Torres.