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Carlo Ancelotti addresses Chelsea, Bayern rumors: 'In football you have to be ready to go anywhere'

Plus, eyebrow.
Plus, eyebrow.
Hamish Blair/Getty Images

It doesn't immediately sound like Carlo Ancelotti wants to or is ready to return to Chelsea.  But it also doesn't sound like he wouldn't want to or wouldn't be ready to return to Chelsea.  Perhaps even on a temporary basis?  His latest words sure seem to indicate that his stance on this issue has softened in the past few weeks, from categorically ruling out a temporary or even a permanent return, to now being ready to go anywhere should he get the right call.

"I felt fantastic abroad and would prefer to continue abroad. Where do I see myself? In football you have to be ready to go anywhere. The English league has always fascinated me a lot because I was good when I was but am willing to go anywhere."

"I at Chelsea? They are just talk. Mourinho has difficulty, it is true, but Chelsea has confirmed Mourinho 15 days ago and I think he did very well: Chelsea have the perfect coach to solve problems. "

"I do not think Guardiola has problems at Bayern and I do not think that the Bavarians have problems to change."

-Carlo Ancelotti; source: Sky Italia via Calcio News 24, Google Translate

The latest rumors out of Bavaria claim that Guardiola is set to sign a two-year extension with the German champions, which would not only rule out Ancelotti from taking over there, but would also definitely take Guardiola out of the running for a potential Chelsea job.  Maybe Ancelotti would consider the Chelsea job now that his first option is off the table?

While I'm still holding out hope that everything magically works out in the end, Chelsea go on a many-game winning streak, make the top 4, and Mourinho begins a decade-long dynasty, there's a good chance none of that will come true.  In which case, bringing Uncle Carlo back to get a few good performances out of a vastly under-performing collection of big stars and fragile egos is probably not the worst outcome.

Plus, those eyebrows!

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