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Mourinho to face individual legal claim, in addition to Chelsea

Clive Rose/Getty Images

It's been an awful start to the new season for Jose Mourinho, and according to Press Association Sport (via The Guardian), it's likely to get quite a bit worse in the near future. The paper is reporting that Eva Carneiro will be filing an individual claim against the Chelsea manager, in addition to the one she's filing against the club.

For Mourinho, this means that he'd have to appear in person at an employment tribunal to answer the claim, assuming that it's not settled out of court ahead of time. Without knowing the specifics of what was said and done behind closed doors, it's impossible to speculate on whether or not that sort of settlement will be reached, though that probably won't many pundits and tabloids from doing so anyway.

The latest rumors suggest that the decision to relieve Mourinho of his managerial duties has already been made, and if true, I'd doubt that this report speeds that process up. Frankly, I'm just ready for the international break at this point.

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