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More fun stories about Bosingwa, Robben, Terry, et al. from Didier Drogba's new book

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Book season continues with Didier Drogba's "Commitment".

The previous batch of quotes released to entice people to commit to "Commitment" included juicy details of the final days of AVB and some hints about Mourinho's methods and how they might lose effectiveness after some time.  This time, via the Daily Mail, we get a bit more personal with fun stories about...

...not knowing who John Terry was at first:

I noticed a tall, strong guy who looked so young, and who walked and carried himself in such a way that I assumed he was from the reserves.

'"That's interesting," I thought. "They've obviously brought him over to get a bit of senior squad experience."

'Towards the end of the session I asked another player who the young guy was. "It's the captain!" he replied, laughing. "John Terry." That's how little I know about the team - I hadn't even recognised their new young captain.

Unlike kids these days, Drogba must not have been playing a lot with Chelsea on FIFA or Championship/Football Manager.

...getting a crucial phone text message from Frank Lampard that convinced our hero to stay after the first couple tough years (personally speaking):

"Hi DD, I hope that you're staying, because we have to win the league together, and we have to win the Champions League together!"

Frank Lampard had seen the future, and it was glorious.

...whispering sweet nothings into Arjen Robben's ear during the 2012 Champions League final:

"Arjen, you're a Chelsea player, you can't do this! Don't do it! Anyway, we'll know where you're going to shoot."

"We got inside his head, definitely, because his kick was weak - definitely weaker than it would normally have been - and Petr saved it."

Drogba doesn't credit him in this passage, but Mikel also played a crucial role here.

...the One and Only Jose Bosingwa (in the previous round against Barcelona at the Nou Camp):

'The players really stepped up to take responsibility. The manager was telling Branislav Ivanovic to play centre back but Jose Bosingwa said, "No, no, I will play centre back", and carried on to say where he thought others should play.

Boss-winga.  Bosingwa.  The Bossman.  The One and Only.

There are also a couple bits about Scolari and the Adriano thing, but we knew that already, and something about Torres and having to compete in a bigger pond against bigger fish, but that's not really that interesting.

Anyway, buy this book, or something.  Can we get Salomon Kalou to read it for the audiobook?

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