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Marko Grujic talks about staying in Serbia, hopes of playing for Chelsea or Barcelona

Hannah Peters/Getty Images

Red Star midfielder Marko Grujic took over a lot of headlines in the last few days not only due to his play but also his openness to discuss his career plans in football. The kid sure seems to be a bit of talker, and after declaring that he'd prefer Roma, and then Inter Milan, as his new clubs for when he moves from Serbia, he shared a few more thoughts rumbling around in his brain regarding his career.  Whoa, what's happening here...

"Patience is really important for my career. Some of my peers have decided to leave their respective clubs, while I decided to stay and this turned out to be the right move for me."

"I never doubted my decision to stay in Red Star. This choice could help my future growth, when I move abroad one day."

"I had a very tempting offer that was hard to refuse when things here at the Red Star were going badly, but now things have improved. I hope one day to play at Chelsea or Barcelona, but not immediately."

-Marko Grujic; Source: Sportnetwork via FC Inter News

Pretty much every young footballer dreams about playing for clubs as big as Chelsea and Barcelona at some point in their careers. So many quotes in such short notice about making the big move might be a sign of desperation on his part rather than confidence -- "someone please buy me!" -- although one could argue he's being way more grounded than some players of similar age.

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