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Belgium vs. Spain friendly called off due to security concerns

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David Rogers/Getty Images

In the wake of Friday's tragedy in the French capital, many expected the England vs. France friendly (to be played at Wembley, in London) to be canceled.  Those initial rumors proved to be unfounded, and that match, at least as of right now, is still set to go ahead, perhaps more so as a statement game of unity and fearlessness than anything out of pure necessity.  These are just (useless, normally) international friendlies after all.

But while that match will go ahead, one closer to Paris has been officially "suspended", which I'm taking to mean that it is canceled completely rather than just rescheduled for a later date.

This match was supposed to be see at least four, and maybe even five, depending on Eden Hazard's "man cold", Chelsea players involved, not to mention tens of thousands of fans watching at the stadium.  The official notice cites "security reasons" for the cancelation.  Earlier Monday, the Belgian government raised the country's terror threat level.  Let's hope everyone stays safe.