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Real Madrid woo future Mourinho

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images

When people talk about Jose Mourinho's "three-year cycle" maybe what they're actually referring to is that he'll be rotating between his three clubs every three years, in perpetuity, regardless of whether his management tactics actually lose their effectiveness after a certain amount of time.  He's already returned to Chelsea, so maybe next is Internazionale, and then back to Real Madrid ... and then back to Chelsea!  Etc.  Sorry, Porto.

Sounds far-fetched?  Maybe so.  But tell that former Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon then.

"I know it seems strange, but if Benitez doesn't have a good season and Mourinho gets sacked by Chelsea, I insist you can't rule out seeing him here again."

"I know that the president tried to have him here instead of Benitez, but Mourinho said he didn't want it and that it wasn't the right time to come back. But after two or three years I can see him here again - it happened the same with Chelsea, they sacked him but then he came back. In football that is normal."

"The current president has a lot of interest in Mourinho, he backed him a lot during his time at Madrid and Mourinho is his favourite coach."

-Ramon Calderon; source: talkSport via London 24

This is not the first time Calderon has claimed as much, though I'm really not sure it's really that normal for a sacked coach to come back and manage the same club again — having your club run by madman Maruizio Zamparini is the one exception to this rule.  I suppose, stranger thins have happened, as they say.

But for now, Mourinho's got a job to save that's closer to his heart.

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